About Us

Get Lost Lice is a Shepherd certified lice treatment center. We are trained and certified in head lice removal by the Shepherd Institute in West Palm Beach, Florida. The Shepherd Institute is nationally recognized for its comprehensive lice removal processes and research. Get Lost Lice uses the Strand by Strand Method of Removal which ensures that all lice and nits (eggs) have been removed by viewing each strand of hair. We use safe and non-toxic products that are safe for babies as young as 6 months and pregnant women. We do a thorough inspection of the head, and if a nit (egg) or louse (bug) has been identified, we would then recommend a treatment to be done. 

Get Lost Lice head lice treatment facility is about helping families get rid of head lice. We have head checks to help decide if you have head lice or not, we also have treatment services to help you become bug and nit free, and products for sale to help in the fight against head lice. Our goal is to help rid your family of head lice and to help bring clarity and education on the topic of head lice. 

Get Lost Lice was started by a mom who has seen the struggle of head lice first hand and experienced it herself.  Tanya Gronwold discovered the Shepherd strand by strand method and soon realized she could help so many families with the struggle of head lice.  She then pursued getting trained and certified at the Shepherd Institute, and now desires to help others in the Ottertail County and surrounding areas.  Get Lost Lice is dedicated to removing the stigma of head lice and spreading education.